Massage and Wellness

Goodbye stress and tension

The most ancient and natural system of psycho-physical cure


A ritual created by our experts: it consists of a combination of massage, beauty treatment and wellness. It begins with the application of warm cushions on the back, followed by a back massage alternating with gentle stretches that will be able to relieve tension and stiffness that often afflict the shoulders and neck. After a thorough cleansing and a facial massage with products of the Erbario Toscano line, the deepest layers of the dermis are stimulated: a boost of youth for your skin. The treatment ends with a relaxing head massage. Duration 75 minutes

On request beauty treatment  only face, treatments for the whole body or for specific areas.

During the summer you can choose the place of the massage: in the garden, near the pool or ... under the stars.

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The relaxing massage is a regenerating massage, for the well-being of the whole body because it acts on different points: it stimulates the body's energy and reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation. Through a relaxing massage we can reduce anxiety and stress levels; It is configured as an important curative and preventive therapy.


Used in sports, the decontracting massage involves the manipulation of very specific areas depending on the area affected by the contracture. It is an anti-fatigue manipulation after sporting activity, which allows you to loosen muscle tension, reduce induced pain and speed up recovery times. In fact it is also practiced for the well-being of the back and legs

They are Aesthetic Massages: lymphatic drainage, Leduc massage, anti-cellulite massages
face and décolleté massages