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Gold of Frantoio

Tuscan olive oil from oil mills has particular organoleptic characteristics of high value.

Appreciated by a select group of consumers, much of the production of this oil goes directly from the producer to the buyer, without intermediaries.


Our honey is produced in accordance with traditional techniques, without force-feeding the bees and without heating, the fact that it crystallizes after collection is a guarantee of the absence of heat treatment and unaltered antifungal properties.The practice of transhumance involves the movement of hives during the year. The line of transhumance - ie the movement of the farm in search of blooms of particular value - provides, in fact, that the apiaries spend the fall, winter and part of spring in Collemontanino and in the period from April to October that are moved to 500-600 meters up to 800 meters above sea level in the Lunigiana area, at plots of other farmers.

Organic honey is available in both single-flower and multi-flower varieties, all from the collection areas mentioned

Millefiori Honey - is a honey produced with the nectar of several botanical species.The area of origin of our honey is Collemontanino and Lunigiana, medium hill, sparsely populated. The spontaneous vegetation of grasses and shrubs is an excellent "pabulum" for bees, which have the opportunity to stock up on nectars in almost untouched territories. Its color is golden yellow, it has a characteristic flavor, its crystallization is slow.

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Cinta Senese cold cuts

We have been breeding Cinta, purebred Cinta Senese pigs, since 1994. We leave our animals to pasture for their well-being which translates into our success on the finished product: salami and/or fresh meat. We are farmers who produce a raw material of absolute excellence and who entrust the meat of their animals to the account of the best laboratories of Tuscan pork butchery, where the use of chemical products is limited to the maximum. Our salami have a naturally sweet taste which exalts the flavour and succulence of the meat which does not need aromatic alterations to be pleasant: proof of this is their easy digestibility (including lard!).

Our company adheres to the Production Disciplinary of the Cinta Senese D.O.P. pig, the only way that allows a safe traceability of the finished product. For further information and for orders https://www.lacintasenese.com/la-cinta